From Aristotle to Zac Goldsmith, everyone has an opinion.

“Riverside developments offer a chic, lock-up-and-leave lifestyle that appeals to both national and international buyers and investors.” Savills Estate Agents.

“There are two things scarce matched in the Universe: the sun in heaven and the Thames on earth.” Sir Walter Raleigh

“Cities need a mix of higher-rent buildings and more decrepit low-rent buildings, because such buildings house different kinds of activity. Experimental projects, in particular, need somewhere cheap.” Tim Harford, Financial Times

“Southwark is fast becoming one of London’s most dynamic boroughs with 40 per cent currently under regeneration and developments valued at around £4 billion.” Southwark Council

“Perfect fusion of old and new, traditional and trendy, historic and modern, Greenwich is now.” New Capital Quay (Galliard Homes)

“A city is a perfect and absolute assembly or communion of many towns or streets in one.” Aristotle

“By 2015 London accounted for a record 25% of UK GDP. Under Boris’s Mayoralty more than 90,000 affordable homes have been built so far by City Hall alone, with more completed last year than any year since 1981.” Mayor of London

“So we are, undoubtedly, at a point now where Londoners have been priced out of their own city.” Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith, The Spectator

“Deptford is having a Waitrose moment. The middle-class retailer is moving in to offer quails eggs and stylish party canapés where once only jellied eels and jerk chicken found a market.” Evening Standard

“Watching TV on your own is not very inspiring. But meeting people is where you get new ideas and get things done.” Richard Rogers, Architect.

“Recent theological engagement with the city suggests a pessimistic fear of the earthly polis, with its disorderly spaces best kept at a distance . . . What might it mean to stay, to open new dialogues, to develop urban theological practice within the realm of urban studies and the spaces with which it seeks to engage?” Revd Dr Andrew Davey

“The diversity that our neighbours symbolise is what has attracted many of us to live where we do – and when it irks us, we should laugh at ourselves, not growl at others.” Kate Allen, Financial Times

“Live on the Thames waterfront and commute by Clipper. This is how 12 million Londoners will get to work by 2020.” David Spittles, Evening Standard.

“Thousands are being forced to leave London because their local authorities can’t find them homes and people on middle incomes can’t acquire a place where anyone would want to raise a family.” Rowan Moore, Guardian.

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson in The Economist

“We should be building communities” Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs